AVD Inc. in Cambridge, MA

AVD has been providing businesses in Cambridge and the Greater Boston area with telecommunication services since the original breakup of AT&T in 1984. We have partnered with a several, local voice & data cabling, security & surveillance system, and VOIP providers to deliver top quality service to our clients and customers. Since our inception in the 80’s, we have grown with the rapid expansion of technology and have added products like AVAYA, NEC, IWATSU, and Panasonic to our installation capabilities.

Helping Higher Ed & Technology in Cambridge, MA 

Cambridge Massachusetts is famously home to Harvard University and several businesses that support the student body and faculty of the city. Additionally, due to Cambridge’s proximity to Harvard and other top-tier universities, startups in the Bio-pharma and tech fields are growing rapidly within Cambridge’s city limits.

AVD Inc Solutions

Here at AVD, we have helped numerous Cambridge businesses with their telecommunications and security needs. We strive to deliver the best in telephone, data product, and security system services in the Greater Boston and Cambridge area. We do this all while educating our clients on how to efficiently utilize our products, so they can grow within their marketplace.

See below the full suite of services we provide Cambridge area Businesses’ and organizations!

Phone Systems
Voice and Data Cabling
Peripheral Set up
Network Analysis

If you need any one of our installation services, please contact AVD. For any other questions please reach out at 781-894-8900.

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