Mobile Workforce? Here’s How To Stay Connected

Mobile Workforce? Here’s How To Stay Connected

Today, more and more individuals are allowed the ability to work from home. In addition to working from home is a perk that companies offer, studies have been done that people are even more productive and the decrease of attrition. Having a mobile work-force can present problems, especially if your company just moved over to the model, so we wanted to write a quick blog regarding the topic.

Work from Home Worries

As a business owner, there are many initial hesitations prior to letting employees work from home. From monitoring employee production to ensuring they have the ability to access all the things they need online, these are critical to getting things done. Providing employees with cell phones alleviate seamless two-way communication on a business line.

Cloud-Based Communication

The recommended way to provide your employees with the best work from home experience is with a cloud-based communication solution. Utilizing a cloud-based communication system allows employees to connect with internal CRM systems paired with their company devices. These systems are accessed through username and password and the individual will be logged into the company database.

Setting up a Work From Home strategy

The cloud-based solution you choose will depend on the size and scope of your business and the employees you have on staff. Here at AVD Inc, we work with our prospective clients to understand the bandwidth and requirements of your mobile workforce. We are happy to explain the pros’ and cons of each system and pairing your business with the solution that makes the most sense for your goals.

Provide Your Employees Work From Benefits Today

AVD Inc. is here to help with all your work from home network set up needs. Be sure that you are keeping up with competition and offering these types of perks to employees and avoid attrition. This perk, which also helps owners with the ability to work from home, can even help bring in more talent to your organization as workers are seeking opportunities with work from home opportunities! Give AVD inc a call today and increase the workability of your employees.