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Everything today seems to be ran through internet now and for good reason. The installation of Voice Over IP is running one’s phone systems through an internet connection. Moving away from traditional phone systems and networks will save your business time and money while increasing productivity. Give us a call to learn more and let AVD Inc. help your business by installing a Voice over IP system or the right hosted solution.

NEC Unified Solutions offers comprehensive communications solutions for organizations of all sizes. From Enterprise-Level Communications to Small Office and Business Communications, NEC has a solution to meet your needs. NEC’s equipment is rich with features like IP Telephony, Converged Mobility Solutions, Contact Center, Voice Mail and Unified Messaging, Emergency Response & Notification and many others.

Yealink, a certified Microsoft partner, provides several industry leading products for voice communications. We are an approved vendor for Yealink and have seen clients satisfied with the results of their products. Yealink is a partner with Skype for Business enabling them to provide a top-notch product to its end users. AVD Inc. will work with you to understand your business’ communications needs and if Yealink is the best option for your business!
We are a preferred vendor for Grandstream, the Boston based SIP, Unified Communications solutions based company. Since 2002, Grandstream has been enabling small to medium sized business with speed and capacity rivaling networks of fortune 500 companies. Our trained technicians will work with you to explain if a SIP unified Communications approach is the best solution for your business.
We see NEC products as the future of business but we understand some business’ are not in a position to re-vamp their entire phone system. With that in mind, we still service legacy systems such as Iwatsu, Panasonic, Nortel, and Avaya. If you have one of these systems and need repair, maintenance or a cost analysis to update, give us a call and we can help!

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AVD Inc. is a brand established since 1984 delivering quality support for voice & data along with advanced business requirements related to telephone systems and security systems in Central New England. We offer efficient, reliable, and scalable assistance for any type of data, cabling, surveillance, and security systems. Our goal is to help your business get the speed it deserves to be the best brand for client satisfaction. Experience the future of telephone systems with us. Call today!

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