VOIP, an acronym for voice over internet protocol, is a service that allows people to communicate with one another over IP networks, local area networks, more commonly known as LANs, and the internet. It can also be referred to as internet telephony since, in essence, it is a telephone service that functions over the web.

In recent years, the popularity of VOIP services has grown significantly, particularly in business. Many companies now use VOIP for both internal and external communications. There are a variety of benefits to doing this, some of which you’ll learn about as you read on!

A VOIP system will save you money

As a general rule, VOIP services are much less pricey than traditional phone systems, which helps business owners save money almost immediately. Most VOIP services are capable of handling local, domestic long-distance and international calls. It is important to tell your VOIP provider representative what kinds of calls you’ll be making so you sign-up for the best service for your company’s needs.

You can use VOIP wherever you have the internet

In this day and age, very few places lack internet access. Because VOIP systems operate via the web, you can easily make calls wherever you happen to be. As the face of modern business changes and more people work remotely and on-the-go, this particular perk will only continue to grow in importance. If you know you and your employees will be making calls away from the office, make sure you choose a VOIP provider that has an app you can download to your computer or your smartphone.

You will know more about your callers

One huge benefit of VOIP systems in the business world is that they allow companies to learn more about the people who are calling them than they’ve ever been able to deduce in the past. If, for example, your company uses a CRM, there is probably a VOIP integration available for it; just make sure you pick providers who are already synced with one another, as custom integrations can be expensive.

Furthermore, you’ll be able to screen your calls easily and, if need be, quickly block people who are harassing your employees or engaging in other untoward behavior. This is excellent news from a security standpoint.

AVD Inc. VOIP Solutions

Hopefully you have a better understanding of how a VOIP service can benefit your business and you will have your new system installed soon! If you have questions regarding AVD inc’s VOIP capabilities or additional services, give us a call today!