History of the Telephone

History of the Telephone

The telephone has been a useful invention to share messages between many people. According to QZ.com there are over 6.8 billion cell phone subscribers on a planet of roughly Seven billion people. That breaks down to about 96 cell phone subscribers to every 100 people in the world. The earliest known use of the phone dates back between the 1660s-1670s. Now Telephones have been dramatically changed and more accessible to the user. Let’s take a look at a quick history of telephones

Earliest Use

In the 1665 the first know invention of an acoustic string phone was created by British physicist Robert Hooke. He was able to successful send encoded messages through mechanical system. Between then and 1870 only singular messages were able to be sent at a time. In 1804 Francisco Salva Campillo a catalonian inventor produced an electrochemical telegraph. This invention gave a rough skeletal idea on building a electronic telephone. Samuel Morse developed his own electric telegraph 1837 and by 1838 deliver the first telegram in America. Morse code was the main language used in each interaction.

Alexander Graham Bell

Bell was the first person to be accredited with creating the first know telephone in 1876 where you can send in multiple messages in one transaction. He was inspired to make this invention because of his musical background and with the help of a skilled electrical technician he made his vision come to life. He was well known for the infamous legal battle over the pattern of the telephone against Elisha Gray. Bell was able to win the lawsuit because he submitted the patten hours before Gray. From here the telephone has been forever revolutionized.

Telephones today

Today we have established a strong and clear voice messaging system able to reach many people simultaneously around the world. Cell phones have been introduced in the 1990s. The cell phone since been changed drastically and many features been added like text messaging. You’re able to play games and surf the web to answer any question that comes to mind. The phone since have been revolutionized.